Bunch Time Productions

A Full Service Production Company

Bunch Time Productions is a full-service production company run by Jarrod Bunch. We specialize in docu-series, sports-oriented commercials, reality, online content as well as full-length features.

Quality Work

Almost all production work has standards for how well it must be done and how fast it must be done. In some cases, perfection is required at all costs, and in others, speed is most important. Bunch Time Productions is able to master all the above, putting our level of quality above all the rest.

Reasonable Budget

In uncertain economic times like these, setting a production budget can be particularly difficult. At Bunch Time Productions, we can create stellar quality work, with a budget that doesn’t empty your pockets.

Exceptional Talent

Our vast pool of exceptional talent gives us an edge above the rest. Don’t settle for the bare minimum. Here at Bunch Time Productions, we work with top industry professionals from all over the Los Angeles area.

Bunch Time Reels

"Battle Grounds"

"Nike Miners"

"Pro Beach Volleyball"

"NFL Defining Moments 2"

"Drug Free Spot"

"Vale Tudo"